0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa

If you post it you will be banned - end of story. See banning rules below: Trying to market signals, charts etc that will break our safe trading rules contact an administrator if you wan't your products reviewed. If you have a product and you would like to post some info about it please contact a moderator or the site owner, but please be prepared to show proof it is not a scam. If you run your own serious binary site or blog and want to exchange trafficplease contact an administrator.

This site is here to help new and old traders from being scammed, and if you post 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa BS here all it does is put you dead center for us to expose you as a scam.

So in a way by posting your scams here you will actually being helping out this community as we will come for you. Hey can you get that crazy guy to not private message me. This Pavel character is bonkers mate a real nutter! 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa advertising to me like a plonker broker. Him step to me with conspiracy theories and the mods should handle this nutter. Is there a way to block people on this site? Our two signal providers show of their 3rd party verified stats on Trade4me - that should be enough to estimate if someone is a scam or someone who can trade.

We are not interested in any kind of forum flame wars, and drop out of the discussions when it comes to personal things or who is the best or better. All of your information is fictitious and you are not quoting The Nerd or people that are part of his team. It is very frustrating to see how often the whole forum is flooded by scammers promising a proven system, fairytale results, or your money back from shady brokers.

There is no intent to contribute, just simply to flood the forum with misleading rubbish. Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: February edited July in General. Can or will anyone explain one touch trading to me I need help and I need to make sure that I am right before furthering my complaints about an options trading platform.

Ironic thread but I still believe that if others don't. The recent post of Binary Alpha is not permitted as Karen Dodoni and Kazi are well known indian scammers who falsify records and trading using ZERO money management blowing peoples accounts with their stupidity.

So please don't start threads of like nature as I will either delete them or ban you maybe even both Beware of Everyoption, got conned by them yesterday, representing themselves as Banc de Binary.

Consultant Lucy Andrews even confirmed in an email that they are a partner company of Bank de Binary. Deposited dollars, now refusing a refund. September edited September I don't know how or why the U. Hello Please does anyone know anything about Bigoptions. BigOption was accused of making excuses and delay withdrawals or convince people to keep trading. In at least a couple of cases a few clients claimed their account manager had without their knowledge wiped their account because they wanted to withdraw their profits.

Later they could no longer access their accounts anymore. One client had issues with getting parts of his funds back due to overuse of the cancellation feature. Hello, I apologize in advance, I have posted something similar on the newbie thread. But I am new to Binary Options trading and I saw this video on youtube which said that on average Binary Options trading will result in a loss. I am not very good at Math, but it does make some sense to me.

Can anyone please help me take a look and see if the video is correct? I do not want to get into it if I am sure to lose money. On the other hand if this is a scam then I want to expose it. 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa you very much.

However, unlike gambling at the casino it is possible 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa SPECULATE markets using binary, that is, make well educated decisions based on market conditions, price action and experience, which will elevate your trades above the break even mark. The down side is that "most" traders will become discouraged before reaching that level. How do I contact an administrator? I can help you, ,what do you need. Hi there, I need suggestion regarding EmpireOption, I have deposited my all tuition fee to win money, now I am realizing they are kind of scam, I am really depressed what should I do to get back my money.

One more thing they have posted log of FBO best binary award broker but when I tried to google it shows me notshould I believe in them and trade more or do take some legal action to get back even my investment.

Any suggestion will be appreciated. The tuition money, that was not a good idea. Um, Empire is not a totally shitty broker, but they do have some crappy account practices. Did you take a bonus?

How long has the money been in there? Since you used tuition it sounds like you sent a wire of cash, so no chance of going to the CC for a charge back. Transparent Binary Options trader and former floor trader. Now giving signals to help people safely to make money at Signal Hive Please do not contact me to manage your account, I will never take anyone's money. You can see my live performance on Signal Hive and subscribe to me there. Firstable I'd like to state this is the official The Binary Nerd account no, this is currently not Lotz writing here - there is another account here on the forums, that calls himself TBN and tries to impersonate our brand.

He had a nice plan and says now we impersonated him and PMs people to join his skype group instead of our website. So please don't fall for it.

We don't ask you to join us, but we warn you to follow the guy that uses our brand to fool people here and praises the 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa of 24Option account managers. Let's just calm down and let the results speak. We actually like Signal Hive and their efforts to bring up seriousity and transparency to the world of binary options - this is 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa and everyone that makes this whimsical world of online trading a better one is embraced 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa us.

We don't want to grab your signups, nor do we want to be an aggressive competitor. We put 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa energy against the 0 minus #1 binary options broker in the usa out there that sell randomly generated signals risking customer's capital - we want to show that generating revenue is possible in an open and transparent way.

Furthermore we don't see why there is no room for more good signals, in addition to the ones you and the great guys from SH are delivering? The market shows us endless possibilities to trade every day - we think it is an attractive option for the customer to spread his risk over several honest, well trading opportunities and get a slow and steady growth.

In this spirit, Peace! January edited January Ok, Pavel - thank you for your reply. A last thing to state: Since you seem to have an inability to accept anything stated by us. We wish you great success! We prefer to let the s talk Stone wants to help our traders he is welcome to open a thread here and do so, don't spam please. February edited February The admins need to remove TBN pretending to be me.

Again I will repeat TBN is not me I don't promote any Israeli based binary options broker mainly due to all of the complaints from there as to how they do business which really only has served to make the whole industry look bad.

CToption is Israeli based as is 24option so there is just too high of a risk right now even if they are somewhat more legitimate than other counterparties in the industry. If you are not aware Israel is very serious about closing down these brokers due to very unsavory practices.

Allowing racist comments by him as being ok? And yes, Randy is a character, big time spammer wannabe scammer. I am not 5 anymore. I am 6 now! LoL, goes back to drawing with his crayola crayons. He wanted to get me into some kind of skype group and tell me that someone has taken over the actual website. Sweet scamming tactic for sure. With their improvements vs years ago, Trade4. Easy to use, connected to binary.

You krazy phucker you are pretending to be ME! Sign In or Register to comment.