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The company is headquartered in TorontoCanada and provides trade execution services for stocksbonds, options, exchange-traded fund ETF and mutual funds associated with best bond trading broker in canada banks and online brokers.

Click here for further information. Virtual Brokers best bond trading broker in canada an online trading service enabling trade execution of equities, options, warrants, bonds, debentures, ETFs and mutual funds. Since its introduction, Virtual Brokers has led changes in the online brokerage industry in Canada. On November 6,Virtual Brokers acquired the Canadian arm of optionsXpress, a retail online brokerage firm headquartered in Best bond trading broker in canada.

These clients were quickly integrated into the Virtual Brokers base, and the firm continues to grow and service these clients. On November 13,Virtual Brokers introduced two new services, first in Canada, designed to offer clients high levels of flexibility and efficiency in their investment strategies.

The Kick Start Investment Program automatically purchases up to 5 securities each month, commission-free. It is ideal for students or recent graduates, as there are no annual account fees for this group. Virtual Brokers also introduced a dividend investment plan unique in Canada.

The Self-Directed Dividend Purchase Plan is unlike regular dividend reinvestment plans in that the dividends are not required to best bond trading broker in canada reinvested into the securities from which the dividends were received. Virtual Brokers Self-Direct Dividend Purchase Plan allows clients to use cash from dividends to buy most securities without commission costs. Continuing this trend, on January 12,Virtual Brokers introduced another first of its best bond trading broker in canada in Canada, the Commission-Free Trading Account, where clients can trade equities commission free.

This gives Virtual Brokers higher margins and in turn, the benefit is conferred to its clients. Virtual Brokers developed the web-based trading platform VB Webtrader. This software currently V3. VB Webtrader is equipped with real-time buying power and account information, real-time streaming quotes, real-time charts, real-time watchlists, news and alerts. Other trading features include Anonymous, Iceberg and Insider markers.

WebTrader Light was created for clients who prefer simplified order entry. A unique feature in the online trading industry, you can easily toggle between the light and full version, customizing your trading experience. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

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Instead of charging you a commission, they build their profit into the price of the bond. You pay the seller for interest that has accrued since the last interest payment. This takes into account the gain or loss at maturity, if you buy at a price other than par value. If you buy a bond below par, any capital gain you make qualifies for favourable tax treatment. Only 50 per cent of the capital gains are taxable. If the yield sounds low, ask your broker if he can give you a better price.

Or, try another broker. It always pays to comparison shop. Since late October, Canadian bond prices have fallen. The Universe Government Bond Index led the way, falling 0. Federal Reserve will start to raise interest rates in December. Since our last update on bonds, all our recommended bonds, with the exception of a few strips, are down.

We continue to recommend a per-cent weighting in cash and fixed income if you have an average risk tolerance. In the meantime, the overall yield on bonds remains low, but you can beef up your return by going with more recommended corporate bonds and preferred shares as needed. But a company has to pay all preferred dividends before common shareholders get anything.

Dividends are riskier than interest because companies can stop paying dividends without risking bankruptcy. Most preferreds are redeemable. If you buy above the redemption price, remember you could lose some of your capital. If preferreds trade below their redemption prices, you could earn capital gains. Keep the yield-to-call in mind. They are hybrid investments, meaning they have characteristics of a bond and preferred share. Preferred securities also have a maturity date usually 49 years from the date of issue.

They best bond trading broker in canada ahead of preferred shares in bankruptcy. Interest accrues but will not compound. Preferred securities are redeemable five years following their issue. Portfolio shares are artificially split into preferred shares and capital shares.

Typically, it best bond trading broker in canada the dividend yield will be twice the yield of the portfolio shares. The good news is that this loss would have been worse had it not been best bond trading broker in canada a recent rally among preferreds. So far in the fourth quarter, the Preferred Share Index is up 8.

Recent market action suggests the worst might best bond trading broker in canada over for preferreds. There have been significant inflows into preferred share exchange-traded funds, perhaps reflecting the attractive values that preferreds now offer. Factors that may constrain the rally include the low Bank of Canada overnight rate, which hit rate-reset preferreds hard earlier this year, and potential new supply of preferreds coming into the market over the next few months.

We best bond trading broker in canada our straight fixed-rate preferreds over our floaters and fixed-floaters for now. What you need to know about bonds Before you buy a bond, ask these five questions: What to do about bonds now Since late October, Canadian bond prices have fallen.

They wont affect how much your spouse can contribute to their own RRSP. Speak to a registered financial advisor to help you determine the best strategy for contributing to a spousal RRSP.

Learn more about contributing to your spouse or common-law partners RRSP from the Canada Revenue Agency. The immediate savings to your income tax will depend on your income tax best bond trading broker in canada.