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Enjoy low and transparent pricing on U. Open your account with Schwab Singapore today. We're here to help. Choose from a wide variety of investment products and services. Stocks and ETFs 3 Find investment and trading opportunities that fit your criteria with our online tools and support from our specialists.

Options and Futures 4 Trade options and futures using intuitive trading tools on our web and software platforms. Offshore Mutual Funds 5 Research and choose from a broad selection of available managed funds that suit your investment goals.

Sharpen your investing skills and knowledge. I would like to know your opinion on what brokerage account you think is best for a long term buy and keep investor.

Transaction fees are not massively important I guess. What are your thoughts? For me this has worked out quite well. I tried OCBC but found them way too expensive with too many random fees, especially for foreign stocks. When I emailed them, each said they could not provide that before I open an account. Saxo Bank not only tells you which ones they offer, you can trade them on a trial dummy account.

You can easily find this on the website of the stock exchange, e. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. If you are deciding between these two options here is a comparative table: HKD minimum commission As this example shows the minimum commission is quite disadvantageous for smaller investors. How to open a Standard Chartered Online Trading account? Beginners guide to exchange traded funds ETFs for Singaporean investors.

Here are the fee schedules: Hi Singvestor, Thank you for sharing your comparison on the 2 local brokers. Are you sure you can also trade bonds with SCB on european stock markets? What is Citibank Brokerage Hotline? Citibank Brokerage Hotline service is available Mondays to Fridays, from 8. Who can apply for a Citibank Brokerage account? Citibank Brokerage services are not available to U.

How do I apply for a Citibank Brokerage account? To apply for Citibank Brokerage account or for assistance, kindly contact us via one of the following methods: Online Click here to apply online CitiPhone Hotline Call our CitiPhone Hotline at 65 to find out more or request for a set of the application forms to be mailed to you. Branches Visit us at any of our Branches.

What type of accounts will be opened with a Citibank Brokerage application? Can I apply for a Citibank Brokerage account if I have a trading account with another securities firm? There is no limit to the number of stock trading accounts you can have. Can I open multiple Citibank Brokerage accounts? Yes, you can open individual and joint Citibank Brokerage accounts. How do I add a new market to my existing Citibank Brokerage account?

Where can I obtain a copy of the W-8Ben form? Do I need to submit new W-8Ben Form for my new account? How will I know if my application has been successful and an account has been opened? An SMS and email will be sent to you once your brokerage account is activated. If I decide to close my account without having made any transactions, will I get all my money back?

Do I earn interest on the cash balances in my account? How do I access my funds in my Cash Trading Account? An ATM card for cash withdrawal will be issued upon successful account opening.

Where do I check for my funds available for trading? Can I view my new account when I login to Citibank Online? What happens if I have insufficient funds to pay for a "Buy" order?

When can I make use of my "Receivables"? Where can I view the balance for my "Receivables"? You can view the Receivables balance from either Portfolio or Trade Now. Only the 80 most recent transactions within any date range will be reflected.

Where can I view my portfolio? What are the fees and charges? What are custodian fees? Singapore Market The fees apply at a rate of 0. Am I subject to any U. What is SEC charge? For more information, the official website is www. What are the prohibited trading practices that I must be aware of when trading through Citibank Brokerage?

Can I place my orders with Citibank Brokerage anytime of the day? Singapore Market You can place trading orders almost 24 hours a day Except during the daily maintenance period, between 5.

Market You may place orders with Citibank Brokerage 24 hours a day, except during the period between 5. What are the trading hours of the Singapore, Hong Kong and U. Singapore Market With effect from 1 August , trading sessions are held daily from Mondays to Fridays between 9. Trading Hours with effect from 1 August 9. Auction Order Pre-opening Session 9. What are the non-trading days of U. Singapore Holiday Calendar Hong Kong Holiday Calendar What are the instruments available for trading?

Market Ordinary Common stock on Nasdaq, e. Hong Kong Market Ordinary stock e. Are the stock prices quoted real time? Our real time price feeds ensure that you get up to date stock quotes. Who executes the trade?

What checks are performed before Citibank Brokerage accepts a trade? How can I search for stock quotes of the securities that I wish to trade in the Singapore, U. What are the types of orders available for trading? For Sell Orders, you can place limit orders The lowest price you are willing to sell and stop loss limit orders across all markets Market Order is available for U. What do you mean by "Limit price"?

What do you mean by "Stop Loss Limit price"? How does Stop Loss Limit Order work? How long are my orders valid for? Is odd lot trading available? What is the minimum quantity for trading? Hong Kong Market No. The minimum quantity is based on the lot size of the security. Is there any limitation on the price I enter for my order? Can I perform "contra trades"? How do I check the status of my orders if I place them with Citibank Brokerage?

Can I modify or cancel my orders with Citibank brokerage? You may modify your price to a new higher price or lower value for all markets. Will my orders be partially fulfilled? How will I be charged? Will I be able to "Amalgamate" my trades? Short-selling of stocks that you don't already own is not allowed. Can I trade shares that I purchased through other security firms?

I would like trade on a counter which is currently not available on screen, what do I do? How will I know if my Hong Kong market trade is successfully executed? Your trades and stockholding will be reflected in your monthly statement. What are the procedures to transfer securities held with other securities firm to Citibank Brokerage? To transfer securities into Citibank Brokerage, you will need to: Citibank Brokerage Singapore Custodian Details: Custodian Name Citibank N.

How long does it take to transfer shares from another brokerage firm over to Citibank? If I decided to close my Citibank Brokerage account, how do I transfer my security holdings out? To transfer securities out of Citibank Brokerage, you will need to: Shares transfer out fees US Shares: How long is trade settlement? Singapore Market Buy Orders: Hong Kong Market Buy Orders: What is the settlement currency of my "Buy" order?

Market You trade will be settled in USD. How do I fund the Cash Trading Account? You can fund your account via: Corporate Actions And Dividends. Will I be notified on Corporate Actions? Corporate action types Mandatory events - Citibank does not send any general notification to account holders for Mandatory events. Will I be notified if the security I hold has dividend payouts? Will I be notified if the security I hold has bonus, share split or other corporate action?

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