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A duo of double-sided glass paintings: transparent demonstration (image) surfaces: the steps of basic logical formulae sketched out as illustrative figures. There are two readings, two vantage-points: not only because of the two transposed, ghostly image layers, but also because of their combination with directions aimed at self-definition.

It is this line, dealing with self-reflexive spatiality and perception, that is amplified in the calligraphic, handwritten thought-enclosures of the scrolls, as well as in the word-associations recorded on the pages of the emptied sticker-booklet with such loose typography and psychologizing honesty. The double-faceted glass plates of the As-if-object (2007), with their two smooth sides fitting together and their lacquer-marker scribbles, serve as an example of how the meaning of appropriated (simple and compound) words that are placed into images, paintings, and concepts can be expanded.