Tally sticks, anatomy textbooks, neon signs, disguised publications, gravestones, novels or love letters: Before writing was invented, people binary-forumorg information from generation to generation by word of mouth, binary-forumorg writing, book printing and computers then allowed knowledge to be stored in binary-forumorg lasting form.

The permanent binary-forumorg of the German Museum of Books and Binary-forumorg provides a brief history of human binary-forumorg based on the three media innovations. The permanent exhibition has been designed as a "world of experience" to encourage exploration of earlier forms of communication, memory and writing systems, "old" book forms, recording methods and medieval book binary-forumorg which re-examine the historical achievement of Johannes Gutenbergto open up "worlds of reading", to report on censorship in its different forms and to present masterpieces of modern book art.

The intention is binary-forumorg visitors to the exhibition to actively explore the A to Z of 19th century industrialisation binary-forumorg and the rapid development of media binary-forumorg the start of the 20th century right up to the present day when the book has relinquished its role as the primary medium and now has to compete with radio, television and digital media.

The permanent exhibition received the " Antiquaria-Preis for Buchkultur " on 24 January In his eulogy, Hannes Hintermeiereditor of the FAZ features section, emphasised how the exhibition had succeeded in addressing a very broad topic in an academically and aesthetically faithful manner yet without losing sight of the wider audience. The jury justified its decision thus: Video on permanent exhibition Exhibition images. Tuesday to Sunday In the fourth millennium ADsocial and economic changes in Egypt and the Near East provided the decisive impetus for the development of writing, the most significant milestone of which is alphabet-based writing.

The history of writing is told on the basis of archaeological relics. In his interactive media artwork "abc-Matrix", Boris Petrovsky provides a contrast binary-forumorg examining how meaning can be extracted from the slow decoding of signs. Writing has binary-forumorg been characterised by the different motivations people have for recording and saving information: Yet writing is not only the binary-forumorg of a recording binary-forumorg, it also includes stylised signs and visual signals.

For centuries script designers have endeavoured to achieve artistic balance in the characters, combining clear legibility with aesthetic perfection. Erweiterungsbau der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig Foto: The medium which has transported written human testimony more than any other is the book. It was developed in the form which is still commonly used binary-forumorg in the first century AD.

The zenith of the book's significance for culture was the medieval period of manuscripts. Monasteries were the main centres of knowledge binary-forumorg book art at that time.

Then, in the twelfth century, they were joined by universities, royal courts and civic administrations. The possession of, and knowledge about, books remained, however, largely the preserve of an elite — the production of binary-forumorg was the full extent of media communication at the time.

It was not until book printing with movable characters came along that the book became the primary medium. The binary-forumorg printing technique of Johannes Gutenberg was the most significant innovation of the early modern period and marked a decisive turning point in history. A new era of media history dawned, books became binary-forumorg for an anonymous market, stimulating the European communication process.

The mass production of identical products required new distribution networks. During the Reformation, book printing took over as the primary means of reporting binary-forumorg forming public opinion.

Book printing was also binary-forumorg most important catalyst for scientific exploration of the world and the democratisation of education. Reading was soon binary-forumorg longer the exclusive preserve of the educated, binary-forumorg its purpose was no longer restricted to binary-forumorg edification or practical application, rather it developed, thanks to fictional literature, into a social pastime which reached new groups of readers and gave rise to an unprecedented demand for reading matter.

In the 18th century attitudes changed towards reading and, even at the time, contemporaries referred to the new appetite for it as "voracious" binary-forumorg "excessive". Reading was now a firmly established activity in public and private spaces — in binary-forumorg societies, lending binary-forumorg, village inns or in people's homes. From Goethe 's " Werther " to now long-forgotten tales of robbers and knights published in worn and poorly printed booklets: However the mass production of printed matter and its binary-forumorg in society and religion soon gave rise to calls for controls.

Censorship, aimed at curbing free speech and shaping the minds of the population, reached a new dimension. The Reformation was its main catalyst. The censorship lists of the Catholic Church — the Index librorum prohibitorum issued from to binary-forumorg represent the most blatant attempt to exert systematic control over the book market.

Binary-forumorg and publishers tried to circumvent the censors by issuing disguised publications and binary-forumorg literature. The great demand for printed matter gave rise to the binary-forumorg of book production in the first third of the 19th century. Manual work was replaced by machine production at the start of the 20th century with binary-forumorg ultimate aim of achieving full automation.

The resulting increase in production figures and the ability to reach new groups of readers coincided with the introduction of compulsory schooling. Binary-forumorg types of books and publications had to be invented in order to satisfy readers' thirst for knowledge and entertainment; these publications were cheap and featured copious illustrations.

As a counter-response to the industrialised mass production of books, a movement devoted to celebrating book art emerged at binary-forumorg end of the 19th century which regarded the book as an object of art and craftsmanship.

Binary-forumorg English book art movement, Bauhaus typography binary-forumorg artist books laid the foundations for the binary-forumorg understanding binary-forumorg book design. The 20th century was binary-forumorg century of mass media: More than ever before, books were now having to compete with other media as means of distributing and storing information. Binary-forumorg "Age of Extremes" Eric Hobsbawm is characterised by acceleration, mechanisation and networking.

The start of the 21st century is marked by a booming book binary-forumorg and a wave of digitisation and virtualisation affecting all media. The binary-forumorg of books into the electronic world has given rise to the creation of virtual libraries: Binary-forumorg "virtual library" binary-forumorg a binary-forumorg platform which binary-forumorg all forms of communication and reception and represents a further development of writing and books as two innovations in human history.

Statements taken from future research, literature and science fiction are highlighted at the binary-forumorg of the exhibition in stylishly designed showcases displaying a tongue-in-cheek "Cultural history of the future". Navigation binary-forumorg service Go to: Online Catalogue Web Pages Search: Signs - Books - Networks: Sonntag The medium which has transported written human testimony more than any other is the book.

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Bu Binary-forumorg Proposer's Organization: Xingdong Binary-forumorg Co-Proposer's Organization: Panel - 60 Min Proposer: Binary-forumorg States Stakeholder Group: Urs Gasser Content of the Session: The internet had been perceived binary-forumorg a borderless and self-governing space largely devoid binary-forumorg state authority and binary-forumorg since the s.

The rapid expansion of the Internet are bringing about numerous contentious public policy issues, prompting debates about how the Internet should be binary-forumorg and who should manage internet governance. Our panelists will explore binary-forumorg evolving US-China cyber relations that remain in flux and plagued with uncertainty from possible policy changes initiated by the Trump Administration.

Specifically, the panelists will analyze the differences between the two governance models of multi-stakeholderism and multilaterialism since both are, as yet, two much less well-defined institutional forms. The binary-forumorg argue that the decisions on binary-forumorg governance model can no longer be confined to domestic borders because they produce far-reaching international consequences. The panelists from both the U.

Going beyond the binary opposition between the U. Binary-forumorg of the Session: The proposed panel discussion is directly related to internet governance, which examines the practices and lessoned learned in terms of internet governance binary-forumorg the United States and China.

Internet Binary-forumorg Tag 2: Digital Future Tag 3: Two from the U. The moderator will then invite the audience members to comment on the practices binary-forumorg discuss the benefits and lessons concerning the binary opposition of binary-forumorg governance.

The panelists reflect diversity in gender, geography the U. Binary-forumorg of binary-forumorg from the developed country the U. Bu Zhong Online Moderator: Bu Zhong Online Participation: The whole panel discussion can be broadcast binary-forumorg through the WSIS Forum website or Facebook Live, which will binary-forumorg managed by the organizer of the panel.

The moderator will allow each of the panelists to give a 5-min presentation on a critical practice of the internet governance in her or his country. Then a 5-min discussion on the practice among the panelists, on-spot audience members and online participants, which will be managed by the moderator. Conducted a Workshop in IGF before?: No Link to Report: Skip to main content.