Binary options terms and conditions

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It is recommended that you revisit this page in the future to check any changes to our terms. Binary Options About BinaryOptions. The content of this website is copyright to BinaryOptions. Any use of our content, articles or trading strategies without our express permission shall be treated as theft under copyright law. This is the list of rules the broker operates under and details things like how rates are calculated, how to make deposits and withdrawals, bonus conditions and other banking requirements.

Often times the terms can seem to be a little harsh but be realistic, the brokers have to protect themselves from fraud just as much as you do. Documentation is one key to avoiding scams or fraud. I suggest that when you open, or even before you open, your new account you first start a new file on your computer. Start with the terms and conditions because this is the foundation of the agreement you are making with the broker.

I know, I know, many times the terms come with the condition that they may change at any time without notice and this presents a small problem, one that can be avoided by taking a nice screen shot of the terms when you join. That way if they change in some dramatic way that negatively impacts your account you have some evidence on your side. Once you open an account you will be contacted by your account manager. These will most definitely come with some form of requirement including but not limited to a trade volume minimum.

It is very, very important to get screen shots of all information pertaining to your particular deal including any Skype conversations and for sure save all of your emails. This way, if your manager leaves, forgets what he told you or you have any other issues you have evidence of what you agreed to.

This of course includes keeping track of your trade volume. It may sound tedious but if you want to be sure of clearing your trade volume minimum you need to keep track of all your trades.

This can be as simple as a screen shot of your daily activity or as complex as a shot of each individual trade. I recommend taking shots of each individual trade because this information could be useful at other times as well.