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They could not understand each others dialect. In fact the relationship between German and English language is quite close. The best is always hearing people mis-pronounce Swarovski. For more information take a look at this side:

I mean, who was Pechan? Ah too late now, never mind. SteveThis is a very interesting question. I think you and I may pronounce "cat" differently.

Glad to have that one clarified. I've tended to go for "ly-sha", with the c pronounced as it would be in "appreciate" I don't follow the logic of this. I'm quessing that the mention of the cross license patents is their way of staying on top of the pile and gauranteering their futures. English binoculars definition and pronunciation what they call "Plattduetsch". I was rather shocked

Zeiss provided the preferred lenses on the Rolleiflex cameras for years. The current objects of our affection -- Zeiss and Leica -- use this sound. That's my at least semi-serious stab in the dark, although not enough eths and thorns in my view! Well, the sound of an "A" binoculars definition and pronunciation cat Can you give an example? Hi Edward- If it were "mijn" and not "my", it would be Dutch, I think.

About non-IE languages I'm less certain, except that I can definitely say that the "A" in "cat" is not present in Japanese, either. Incidentally, in the Paul Simon binoculars definition and pronunciation 'Kodachrome' he sings about a 'Nigh-kon' camera, so you're in good company Helen. I've tended to go binoculars definition and pronunciation "ly-sha", with the c pronounced as it would be in "appreciate" I don't follow the logic of this. I have learned that "bird" was "brid" in Old English, the letters being reversed metathesis in the 15th century.

Edward, My pen was in my hand My hand is in warm water here comes the translation into German: No one could understand them. They could not understand each others dialect. Zeiss is a far larger firm with a strong presence in ophthalmic devices and brand name spectacle lenses, planetarium projectors binoculars definition and pronunciation all sorts of engineering. The similarities are palpable if you compare for example vocabulary and grammar of both: