Commodity trading gold and silver

Nothing could be further from the truth. Stock markets witnessed one of the most substantial drops in Feb, while gold rallied strongly. As the stock market turning more volatile and geopolitical tensions escalating each day, global investors would look at gold as an able ally to their preserve wealth. I believe we are going to see at least another quarter of consolidation in The interest rate which soared during the global financial crisis?

I bet you remember the Great Recession well. But let me briefly remind you that LIBOR soared in as banks were reluctant to lend to each other. There are two main factors that appear to be emerging that may affect commodities in a large way.

Commodities are generally seen as more exposed to the global growth outlook, and a trade conflict will almost certainly result in economic growth being commodity trading gold and silver. However, there is still a chance that trade wars remain mainly in the sphere of rhetoric rather than sustained damaging actions. New short bets outnumbered bullish bets by 36 to 1.

I would be in the reversion camp of this being a buying opportunity for silver. It is uncertain why the mainstream media continues commodity trading gold and silver suggest that rising interest rates are negative for precious metals prices. It may simply be one of those myths that takes on a life commodity trading gold and silver its own, or it may be a scare tactic designed to separate investors from their gold at critical junctures. Historically — rising rates continue to be supportive for precious metals prices, not the opposite.

Physical gold may be scarce, but available paper gold has been limitless. When too many demand delivery of bars, they will find all the paper, supposed to represent gold, actually does nothing of the commodity trading gold and silver.

The real celebration will have to wait until the peak in paper gold is behind us. The only reaction worthy of note is to go out and buy silver with both fists. National Debt is Spiraling Out-of-Control: Recommendations to Play a Gold Bull Market. Gold hits 1-week high as dollar dips, U.

Gold churns lower as battered stocks try to recover. Sberbank to increase gold sales to India and China in Gold Outperforms Stocks In Q1, India central bank drops Axis Bank from list of bullion importers.

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