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Team sports betting programs claim to identify opportunities based on historical trends and the different odds offered by various bookmakers. Horse racing software will often claim that predictions are based on weather conditions, the state of the horse, the draw, or the condition of the jockey.

Often the information used in these programs can be obtained from the betting pages of your local newspaper at very little cost. You will be required to make ongoing deposits to maintain the balance of the account. These schemes are usually promoted as business opportunities or investments at trade fairs, shows or via the internet. Promotional material often takes the form of glossy and sophisticated brochures or websites that contain graphs or diagrams promising large returns for little or no effort.

We encourage you to report scams to the ACCC via the report a scam page. This helps us to warn people about current scams, monitor trends and disrupt scams where possible. Please include details of the scam contact you received, for example, email or screenshot. We also provide guidance on protecting yourself from scams and where to get help. Investment schemes Investment schemes involve getting you or your business to part with money on the promise of a questionable financial opportunity.

Skip to Content Skip to Sitemap. Angry Blue Chip investor muddles my opinion with a reader's opinion. A reader suggests why online tax payments sometimes go wrong. Do Blue Chip, finance company and other investment victims deserve what's happened?

Electronic tax payment problems not common. A landlord can't understand why others dislike landlords. Two readers sound off about ring fencing rental property tax losses, and a third puts it all in historical perspective. Another reader worries about the difficulties of making tax payments online. A landlord's threats are perhaps a little hasty - but he has a point. A KiwiSaver misunderstands the ups and downs of the market. Are property shares a good option for young man saving to buy his first home?

Eggs in baskets don't really apply to term deposits, but there's another way to diversify. Taxing options if you take flatmates in to help you pay the mortgage. Well, he did it. Despite my impassioned plea in this column in February last year, Finance Minister Michael Cullen took away our chewing gum tax cut in the recent Budget. And we're much bigger losers than most people realise. Three readers were unhappy with my last column, in which I said the KiwiSaver tax breaks expected in the upcoming Budget will benefit only some people, at the expense of New Zealand as a whole.

Many readers were no doubt pleased to hear of Winston Peters' recent hints that the May 17 Budget will include tax breaks in the KiwiSaver retirement savings scheme. But only some will benefit - and it will be at the expense of others, and the country as a whole. A tax on house sales, to subsidise first home owners, is a lovely idea that wouldn't work. Renting and saving elsewhere can leave you better off than home ownership.

Semi-retired couple who sold their home and rent are probably doing fine. A year-old letter shows the danger in trying to predict what the Kiwi dollar will do "Plodders" wonder how to match the investments of their landlord friends Traders in shares beyond Australasia no longer pay the old tax on capital gains How about taxing rental property the same way as international shares? As the new tax regime on shares in countries beyond Australasia takes effect, many taxpayers seem to think it's tougher than it really is.

Have you got what it takes to borrow to invest in a share fund? How frequent traders in international shares will be taxed under the new rules. How Inland Revenue might catch property traders. Should we blame the banks for soaring house prices?

KiwiSaver, the new retirement savings scheme starting July 1, is coming in for criticism that is doesn't include more tax incentives. But I'm glad of that. Changes being considered in rental property taxation. Reader feels unfairly punished by Reserve Bank's interest rate hike. The word "secured" in a debenture ad is hardly a warning sign. The company is just following the law. Many elderly, and others, could benefit from rates postponement schemes. Why floating interest rates might be better - for home equity release schemes and ordinary mortgages.

Is the Kiwi dollar to blame for poor overseas investment performance? How foreign dividends will be dealt with under the new tax rules. Where to go for historical foreign exchange data - for tax purposes. A lionish company bites back. The warning signs in investment ads Should we adjust investment returns to allow for inflation? How best to assess long-term returns on shares and property How to tell if an Australian company qualifies for the tax exemption.

Unlucky reader challenges the value of index funds. How to get historical foreign exchange data for calculating that threshold. Should man, 64, get student loan for the income, given that he probably won't ever repay it? Passing shares down the generations has good and bad points. Why did GPG get an exemption from the new international share tax rules? Woman makes great progress in one short year. New charity aims to help children help themselves. Should we get bigger tax deductions for donations to charity?

Also - give Christmas gifts to those who really need them. Readers disagree over the price of a s pie. Buying shares company by company, over the years, not the best strategy. Is the new proposed tax on international shares fair? What's happened to the price of pies over the years? Would it be good for NZ if Inland Revenue was tougher on rental property capital gains? When is "income" really "profit"? Reluctant shareholders worry about their lack of power - How best to hold shares.

Two on why many rental property investors should pay tax on their gains when they sell. How to teach teens about budgeting.

Allowing for tax when calculating returns on term deposits. A reader finds a flaw in my "avoid the rear-view mirror" argument. Would NZ's tax revenue actually increase if we all invested offshore? Inland Revenue says it can't fix everything at once. Is there an year cycle for industrial and resource shares? Why index fund of Aussie shares has done much worse than its index.

Limited submissions on tax changes not good enough. NZ shares, already favoured, shouldn't get still more favourable tax treatment. Why I won't do research on an Aussie resource index fund. Too little time to study the new tax plans for international share investments. It's a basic principle of wise investing: Spread your share investments around the world, to spread your risk. But proposed tax changes will increase taxes on overseas share investments beyond Australia.

So should we stick with Australasia? What you should check out before you buy a house. And who should do the inspection. Some possible progress on the proposed changes to international investments tax. Who's right and wrong in the maths on the new coins. The average New Zealander can't afford to buy a house, or can they?

The poor don't stay poor. How one man keeps his costs down. Flaws with a tax parable? An investment adviser gives us inside info on commissions. What to do about negligent adviser who recommended bad finance company investment. Do high earners pay too much of the tax burden?

Parable about why the highest taxed get the biggest tax breaks. A section in a submission to the government from Shareholders Association chairman Bruce Sheppard caught my eye. Referring to proposed changes in the way share funds are taxed, he wrote: Comparing NZ and other countries' taxes and lifestyles. A promise for a tax-change-free column next week!

One of the first things journalists are taught is to make the first sentence of an article a "grabber", something that will perhaps surprise readers and make them read on.

So this column is officially starting now: Stick with share fund investments. Is it wise to depreciate if you're selling your rental quite soon? Tax treatment of the expenses of rebuilding leaky rental property. Reader feedback keeps coming about the taxation of rental properties.

So I've decided to go to the horse's mouth, Inland Revenue. But first, a typical email on the subject:. Credit cards v eftpos.

Optimism, pessismism and oil prices. Please forgive us, Dr Cullen, and don't take away our chewing gum tax cut! I know some of us have been scathing about it. As you said recently, "I have noted that people have said they don't really think it's worth having. If people say that, then of course they may find their wish has been granted. Be careful what you ask for, or you may get it.

Negative gearing is like the death penalty. People feel strongly both ways about it, judging by reactions to my last column. In that column, I wrote that negative gearing - which occurs when a landlord makes year-by-year cash losses on a mortgaged property - is becoming more common.

This is mainly because rents haven't risen nearly as fast as house prices. Many landlords say they don't mind or even like to be negatively geared - making year-by-year cash losses on a mortgaged investment.

But it never looked all that appealing to me. And recently I heard a rather compelling argument against it. Should newly separated woman buy a house or rent? Our total tax rate depends on whether we spend or save.

End of year message. More on tax on a second job. Who gets the money when mortgage rates increase? The pros and cons of self employment and income splitting. Comparing shares with property is tricky. How movements in the dollar affect investment in international share funds. Share funds v rental property. Income splitting by the self-employed - is it OK?

Several on how families are taxed. Can property sellers and agents lie to buyers? Protestor over tax on international shares gets stroppy. Should middle-income families get child care support? Many readers sent submissions to the government on proposed changes on taxation of international shares. Am I a National Party supporter? Should single people get tax breaks too? How you can sell your home via a website. What are our tax rates? What are reasonable conditions for a home buyer to insist on?

Government's proposed tax changes on international shares. Grandparents don't need a trust to save for their grandchildren. New Zealand's tax on capital gains is confusing. Depreciation on rental property. Should a youg woman put her savings into her rental mortgage or diversify?

How to get through to Inland Revenue. Take care when depreciating rental property. Risky to buy shares while waiting to buy a house. Is the gain on excess shares in an IPO taxable?

Rental property depepreciation and Inland Revenue. What chattels can be depreciated separately in a rental property? Share trading and tax on capital gains. Pay off rental property mortgage as you approach retirement.

When is a capital gain taxable? When to declare share trading profits. What to do if travel agent charges more for using a credit card.

Different Visa rules in Australia, and how Visa operates. When does tax on capital gains apply to share investors? When can share investors deduct newspapers and investment reports?

Are shops allowed to charge more if you use a Visa card? The role of luck in house price rises. It's an oft-quoted excuse for not investing offshore: If you do, you take on foreign exchange risk. But is it really risky? An ice cream is still delicious without the chocolate dip. The same goes for index share funds. Since they made an appearance in New Zealand in the late s, these funds have had a tax advantage over the other type of share funds, called active funds.

It seems likely that the tax advantage will be removed soon. But even if it goes, I still think index funds are best. Rental property is sometimes an excellent investment. There, I've said it, for all those who reckon I'm anti-rentals! Often, though, rentals are not quite as good as people think - and not just because the tax breaks are over-rated, as I said in my last column. I don't get it. Politicians and economists have been complaining lately that rental property has tax advantages over shares.

It's hardly a new claim. But what are these advantages - beyond depreciation, which is vastly overrated? From the Mailbox - Borrowing to invest, eg in a rental property. Life, limbs and livelihood - How much life, disability and income protection insurance do you need? Also in this issue: Great Debate - Australian v international shares.

Borrowing to invest makes a good investment better and a bad investment worse Also in this issue: Great Debate - Fixed v floating mortgages. How long you want to tie up your money affects what you invest in. Great Debate - Shares v rental property. Archives Read Mary's current Herald column on-line now, listen to recent radio broadcasts, or search the archives for previous subjects in her Herald and syndicated columns or broadcasts.

Taxes The following is a selection of articles and radio broadcasts mainly from January to the present. To explore this topic in more depth and access earlier columns, please use the search box.

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