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Over the last few months, I heard one name mentioned by my fellow entrepreneurs more than others. Can you guess who it is? He posts pictures of his lavish life and all of the forex traders instagram he is surrounded by on a daily basis. For example, I was meeting one of my buddies in New York, who has a few billion dollars, according to Forbes. He is married and has kids.

He, as well as a few of my other wealthy friends, love talking about Dan and living vicariously through his Instagram profile. This made me think: The toughest part of any marketing campaign is getting it off the ground. Once you have a proven model, scaling it becomes easy. But Brandon had a better idea. Plus, the neilpatel name was taken. What I learned is that when you change a profile name on Instagram, a portion of the existing followers drop off.

Because they followed the original account and not you. Out of thefollowers, roughly 21, fell off. So, I was left withfollowers. For example, when we first took over the account, we were losing over 3, followers a day.

I expect the bleeding to slow down significantly, if not stop altogether, over the next few weeks. The one thing I know about social media is people love free stuff.

Every time a girl like Arianny posted about the whoisneilpatel forex traders instagram, roughly. To speed this up, I also paid more models and lifestyle accounts to post about me. Heck, I was even getting text messages from people like my personal shopper, who saw models post pictures about me. I was generating non-qualified traffic to my websites. The text messages received from other entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will eventually lead to more business and pay for the expenses.

So from a financial standpoint, the experiment is a success… especially when you forex traders instagram that images pertaining to me where broadcasted to over 20 million people on Instagram. I learned from him that users on Instagram like flashy images such as pictures of cash, jets, and exotic locations.

So, Brandon and I posted these types of images as forex traders instagram test. I expect a return on my investment. What do you think about Instagram marketing? Do you think it is worth leveraging from a personal branding perspective?

If you want help with your Instagram marketing efforts go here. Interesting approach, love it Neil! Lewis, I think at the end of the day Instagram is all about personal branding. When growing your business a large component centers around personal branding — so I think it will definitely pay forex traders instagram. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

Can you reveal to us how the man that took account from you performed? Did he managed to succeed, did he changed niche and stuff like that. Did he tried personal brending as you did or he changed his monetization method? I ask these questions so I can decide which is better instagram monetization method, personal brending, selling shoutouts, selling products or something else. Literally just finished listening to your interview with Brandon on School of Greatness Podcast released 8th August and then see this post pop up in my email.

He mentioned forex traders instagram social real forex traders instagram or buying a domain and getting the social media thrown in for free. I know local clothing stores that are using this model and are using the shout out for shout out model. This has been getting them good traction and sales.

Basically posting another account on your Instagram to help them get followers and them doing the same for you. The real question is how do you build capitol like that to start? I have many email list with over 10,, emails on them but what would u use them for to build capital? If you have the trust try to tell stories over email and then lead them to what can help sometimes.

That is forex traders instagram great question. Here is the link good luck. Luke, there maybe workarounds. I just went with it…. Dah well, hopefully I can forex traders instagram the approach you have and work with other Instagram models and fashion-forward individuals in the coming months. Chris, I am sure you can replicate some of the things I have done with my account. I think because you are in the clothing industry you can definitely partake in some giveaways to build some buzz.

I think at the end of the day you really have to put yourself out there and have confidence in knowing that what you do is for the greater good of your product. No doubt scantily-clad models wearing not much more than a bow-tie would work if your buyers are mostly male.

On the other hand, if your buyers are mostly women buying bowties for their men that could backfire depending on the age and type of women who would actually buy a bowtie.

If you need a social media marketer i can help im not the best looking guy but i have built multiple accounts biggest where 40k 34k 29k 19k 17k and 16k selling them all because of how active they are i was getting 1k plus likes in 4 minutes i can help your instagram grow. Send me a message at landroverdefenders gmail. Another one worth keeping an eye on is Timothy Skyes.

His brand on Instagram is a bit tamed down when you compare it to Dan but still has done well for his business. Everything he does has a business component attached. He is a real humble and awesome guy, but his posts may not suggest that. Love the experiment and results. Are there other people in your vertical that this is working for? I love to forex traders instagram and be the first one to test the waters. I enjoy it, hence this was a marketing experiment. There are not other people in my vertical trying it out, which is why I went for it.

With some creativity I believe that it can work. Forex traders instagram just forex traders instagram to ask about this. And as I see you mentioned in many replies on this thread, you recognize that female entrepreneurs have cash and are worth finding—not just men. There are many facets to advertising, and this covered one type—the living vicariously forex traders instagram perfectly-presented images of luxury. Anyway, thanks for posting this. Oh and I forgot to ask—which organization did you end up donating to?

Sorry if you mentioned it somewhere and I missed it! I rather not go into financial details…. How about not using any marketing methods which objectify either gender? I suppose this works on a predominantly young, uneducated, male audience.

Women are VERY put off by this though. Women are put off by this? Are women also put off when they look through a fashion mag and see tons of other women modeling for other brands too?

These girls are models, that is what they get paid to do. I guess I never thought about leveraging Instagram. I like the forex traders instagram you buy existing yes of course could forex traders instagram headaches but you get a fast start.

LinkedIn groups work really well, but that is a B2B forex traders instagram network. Forex traders instagram what I was seeing was completely different than the brand I thought Neil Patel was.

Rather than an educated marketing expert I saw a pig. Conclusion, your bread and butter know you as a marketing expert forex traders instagram to help them grow their business with your expertise forex traders instagram experience. Since the dawn of advertising, campaigns have used beautiful women holding signs to attract attention. All while acknowledging the method is not consistent with your brand and generally poo-pooing the method.

Neil, thanks for the update, and thanks for the donation, too. I think I was a forex traders instagram hard on you. I was just shocked. Thanks for being true to forex traders instagram you are.

Yep I think I could do a better job protecting my brand. I love experimenting and testing new things, which is how I learn. But I could have taught this out a bit more and have been more protective.

Nothing wrong with your experiment at all. A little controversy over innocent fun never hurt anyone. Forex traders instagram anything, I think you opened up your brand to a forex traders instagram market of fun-loving entrepreneurs by doing this.

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