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To post a message in this thread, you need to login with forexcom demo login Sierra Chart account:. Mon, 16 Apr The account Forexcom demo login they provided does not match the account number in the error message; so something is getting crossed. Other responses are from users. If possible please keep your questions brief and to the point. Please be aware of support policy: To post a message in this thread, you need to login with your Sierra Chart account: Login Page - Create Account.

Service Terms and Refund Policy. I have developed a trading system for Forex pairs. I have been attempting to test forexcom demo login system on a live market with a demo account at a Sierra Chart supported broker. The broker I am with currently is not supported. After many hours of trying to figure out the best route I have ended up at Futuresonline. I have followed all available tutorials in regards to this broker and properly setting up the account, servers, user name, PW, etc.

I am encountering an error when my trade system attempts to open an order: Any direction on this would be helpful and appreciated. Private File Private File symbol settings. Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: Yes we see that.

The problem is you have enabled this functionality which needs to be forexcom demo login Thank you for the reply. The allocation for orders has been disabled. I attempted an order and I am still encountering an "Order Error. Also I tried changing the order type from Limit to Market orders in the trade window. Also tried unchecking "Use Attached Orders.

The same Error unknown account error has returned when I use "market" order types instead of limit orders now. See error log 3. Forexcom demo login Time Of Last Edit: This is very very strange. We have not seen this before. First of forexcom demo login, the text you see after "Text: Is the "Unknown Account" different than what you have selected on the Trade Window: The trade window account is different from the account in error reporting. I have not been provided the number in the error reporting forexcom demo login not sure where it's coming from.

I will get back with Gain to inquire. Thank you for the prompt help. Yes do contact them about that and be sure to show them the same screenshots because they should recognize the text after "Text: That is directly from their system.

I've reached out to Gain Capital, they have been responsive in email but not service to fix the problem. They've recognized there's a problem on their end with their servers not accepting the account number they provided me.

I've been shuffled around in the company to solve it with no solution yet. I am wondering if there are other service providers who allow US residents and interface with SC and include Forex pairs? Thanks for all your time and recommendations with this. Yes there is another upcoming possibility that we hope should be available in about 30 days and that is Oanda.

Support for this particular Forex broker is being done by an outside developer and we expect it should be released in about 30 days or so. Thank you for forexcom demo login update. I will be anxiously waiting for forexcom demo login and support from Gain.

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