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Noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards, and leads to health effects including permanent hearing loss. The rate of noise induced hearing loss NIHL in the oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada and gas industry is alarmingly high.

As safety practitioners, we have a lot to keep track of and think about, but noise induced hearing loss is preventable. A oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada of events including: Hear from tech leaders who are already pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating the jobs of the future. Join thousands of like-minded participants and explore how technology is driving cross-industry growth and change, and what companies need to do to emerge as global leaders.

Program available at www. CAPP Members receive a preferred partner rate when mentioning this ad. Please contact Carol Williams at cwilliams oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada. Space is limited to delegates. Includes presentations on the latest technological innovations in the fields of onshore and offshore exploration, production and transportation. The Global Petroleum Show also provides information sessions on strategic planning for the energy sector in the world. Organized by volunteers representing international energy corporations, the Canadian Crude Oil Conference is a networking forum offering speakers addressing issues of importance in the oil industry.

The agenda will also allow ample time for networking and socializing. These event listings are provided for informational purposes only. Listing here does not necessarily imply endrosement by CAPP. Information provided by third parties is subject to change. APR 9 - 11 APR 11 - 13 MAY 14 - 16 JUN 6 - 8 JUN 7- 8 JUN 10 - 12 JUN 12 - 14 SEP 11 - 13 SEP 25 - 27 April 10 - April 11,

Global pricing predictions see Canadian LNG export project completions coinciding with a full market recovery. In the meantime, there has been an emergence of opportunities domestically for a range of industry players. This website stores cookies on your computer. Our cookies are used to improve our website oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada provide a more tailored service to you, both on this site, and through other media.

By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Home About Exhibition Why Exhibit? Media and Association Partner. Jordan International Energy Summit. Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show. The Cuba Energy, Oil and Gas. The Cuba Energy, Oil and Gas CEOG conference programme is being developed by industry experts in collaboration with CUPET and provides delegates with an invaluable insight into these key issues facing Cuba, the development and realisation of the huge challenges and opportunities ahead.

World Heavy Oil Congress. An exclusive, invitation-only event for C-level executives, government ministers, and policy influencers driving the global gas and LNG industry. The programme will tackle the most pressing industry challenges in a closeddoor setting. The Asian LNG Market Development Forum is a focussed morning bringing together major stakeholders from the Asian LNG market to discuss options for cooperating on developing infrastructure and contract flexibility in Asia to create greater transparency, liquidity and ultimately value for gas impor.

The Young Gastech programme provides an exciting opportunity for students wishing to pursue a career in the gas sector, and for young engineers looking to get closer to the natural gas and LNG industry. This invitation-only forum will welcome prominent and influential executives involved in the procurement, portfolio trade, and enduse of LNG.

The programme oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada examine the evolution and expansion of the global LNG trading oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada, supplier and buyer dynamics, and future predictions.

Gastech Diversity in Energy. The Diversity in Energy programme will unite policy makers and energy industry leaders to forge strategies for increasing participation in the energy industry from across all sections of society. Gas Asia Summit is paving the way for strategic planning, development and growth across the natural gas and LNG supply chain within Asia, in supporting further industry development.

Expanding oil and gas trade shows 2018 canada the success of the exhibition zone and conference programme inthis year will see the sector expand as physical infrastructure and cyber-security becomes increasingly important for the oil and gas sector. The transformation and development of Thailand is a major priority for the government which creates incredible business opportunities for both integrated and non-integrated energy companies globally.

The third Kuwait International HSE Conference and Exhibition welcomed over attendees from over regional and international companies across 27 countries. ISA Calgary Show is held in partnership with the Calgary Section of the International Society of Automation, the premier global association for automation professionals. The fair showcases products and services, technologies and innovations, trends and tendencies within and across markets.