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The QTextStream class provides a convenient interface for reading and writing text. Using QTextStream's streaming operators, you can conveniently read and write words, lines and numbers.

For generating text, QTextStream supports formatting options for field padding and alignment, and formatting of numbers. It's also common to use QTextStream to read console input and write console output. QTextStream is locale aware, and will automatically decode standard input using the correct codec. You can seek qtextstream bin qtextstream stream a position by calling seekand atEnd will return true when there is no data left to be read.

If you call flushQTextStream will empty all data from its write buffer into the device and call flush on the device. Automatic Unicode detection is also supported. Since the text stream uses a buffer, you should not read from the stream using the implementation of a superclass. For instance, if you have a QFile and read from it directly using QFile. By qtextstream bin qtextstream stream, when reading numbers from a stream of text, QTextStream will automatically detect the number's base representation.

For example, if the number starts with "0x", it is assumed to be in hexadecimal form. If it starts with the digitsit is assumed to be in decimal form, and so on. You can set the integer base, thereby disabling the automatic detection, by calling setIntegerBase. QTextStream supports many formatting options for generating text.

You can set the field width and pad character by calling setFieldWidth and setPadChar. Use setFieldAlignment to set the alignment within each field. Some extra number formatting options are also available through setNumberFlags. In addition, Qt provides three global manipulators that take a parameter: This enum specifies how to align text in fields when the field is wider than the text that occupies it. This enum specifies various flags that can be set to affect the output of integers, float s, and double s.

It stores an OR qtextstream bin qtextstream stream of NumberFlag values. This enum specifies which notations to use for expressing float and double as strings. Before you can use it for reading or writing, you must assign a device or a string. See also setDevice and setString. This constructor is useful for working directly with the common FILE based input and output streams: Constructs a QTextStream that operates on stringusing openMode to define the open mode.

Returns true if there is no more data qtextstream bin qtextstream stream be read from the QTextStream ; otherwise returns false. This is similar to, but not the same as calling QIODevice.

Returns true if automatic Unicode detection is qtextstream bin qtextstream stream, otherwise returns false. Automatic Unicode detection is enabled by default. See also setAutoDetectUnicode and setCodec. See also setCodecsetAutoDetectUnicodeand locale. Returns the current device associated with the QTextStreamor 0 if no device has been assigned. See also setDevice and string. See also setFieldAlignment and fieldWidth. Returns the current base of integers. See also setIntegerBaseQString.

See also setPadChar and setFieldWidth. Returns the device position corresponding to the current position of the stream, or -1 if an error occurs e. Because QTextStream is buffered, this function may have to seek the device to reconstruct a valid device position. This qtextstream bin qtextstream stream can be expensive, so you may want to avoid calling this function in a tight loop.

Reads at qtextstream bin qtextstream stream maxlen characters from the stream, and returns the data read as a QString. Reads the entire content of the stream, and returns it as a QString. Avoid this function when working on large files, as it will consume a significant amount of memory. Calling readLine is better if you do not know how much data is available. Reads one line of text from the stream, and returns it as a QString. The qtextstream bin qtextstream stream allowed line length is set to maxlen.

If the stream contains lines longer than this, then the lines will qtextstream bin qtextstream stream split after maxlen characters and returned in parts. If the stream has read to the end of the file, readLine will return a null QString. For strings, or for devices that support it, you can explicitly test for the end of the stream using atEnd. Returns the current real number precision, or the number of fraction digits QTextStream will write when generating real numbers. Resets QTextStream 's formatting options, bringing it back to its original constructed state.

The device, string and any buffered data is left untouched. Statusstatusand setStatus. Seeks to the position pos in the device. Returns true on success; otherwise returns false. This function qtextstream bin qtextstream stream be used together with setCodec. See also autoDetectUnicode and setCodec. Qtextstream bin qtextstream stream the codec for this stream to codec. The codec is used for decoding any data that is read from the assigned device, and for encoding any data that is written.

If you call this function while the text stream is reading from an open sequential socket, the internal buffer may still contain text decoded using the old codec. See also codecsetAutoDetectUnicodeand setLocale. Sets the codec for this stream to the QTextCodec for the encoding specified by codecName. If the encoding isn't recognized, nothing happens.

Sets the current device to device. If a device has already been assigned, QTextStream will call flush before the old device is replaced. This function resets locale to the default locale 'C' and codec to the default codec, QTextCodec. See also device and setString. Sets the field alignment to mode. When used together with setFieldWidththis function allows you to generate formatted output with text aligned to the left, to the right or center aligned.

See also fieldAlignment and setFieldWidth. Sets the current field width to width. If width is 0 the defaultthe field width is equal to the length of the generated text.

The field width applies to every element appended to this stream after this function has been called e. This behavior is different from similar classes in the STL, where the field width only applies to the next element. See also fieldWidth and setPadChar. If generate is false, no BOM will be inserted.

This function must be called before any data is written. Otherwise, it does nothing. See also generateByteOrderMark and bom. Sets the base of integers to baseboth for reading and for generating numbers. If base is 0, QTextStream will attempt to detect the qtextstream bin qtextstream stream by inspecting the data on the stream.

When generating numbers, QTextStream assumes base is 10 unless the base has been set explicitly. See also integerBaseQString. Sets the locale for this stream to locale. The specified locale is used for conversions between numbers and their string representations. The default locale is C and it is a special case - the thousands group separator qtextstream bin qtextstream stream not used for backward compatibility reasons.

Sets the current number flags to flags. Sets the pad character to ch. This character is used to fill in the space in fields when generating text.

See also qtextstream bin qtextstream stream and setFieldWidth. When reading and generating numbers, QTextStream uses this value to detect the qtextstream bin qtextstream stream of real numbers. Sets the precision of real numbers to precision.

This value describes the number of fraction digits QTextStream should write when generating real numbers. Subsequent calls to setStatus qtextstream bin qtextstream stream ignored until resetStatus is called. See also Statusstatusand resetStatus. Sets the current string to stringusing the given openMode. If a device has already been assigned, QTextStream will call flush before replacing it.

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