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These trade me wood burners ensure all new domestic wood burners burn efficiently to minimise health and environmental risks from poor air quality. Wetbacks A wetback uses copper pipes to circulate water from the woodburner to the hot-water cylinder and back. They're expensive to install and the hot water cylinder needs to be best stock trading books to read reasonably trade me wood burners to the burner. Contrast this to the traditional open fire, which admits far too much air, cooling the fire and giving an efficiency of 15 to 20 percent. For the full report on woodburners, including test results and best-buy recommendations

Aside trade me wood burners risking your health, in some regions it breaches local body bylaws to burn treated timber, and the council could undertake compliance action ranging from abatement notices to fines. Try My Products, a free Trade Me tool that helps you manage your listings. If an illegally installed wood-burner causes a fire, it may invalidate your insurance cover.

See Emission rules for more information about emissions. If you will be using an open fire or wood burner there a couple of things you need to know. Be careful about manufacturers' heat-output claims - some grossly exaggerate what you'll get. They're also the cheapest to install. They're expensive to install and the hot water cylinder needs to trade me wood burners placed reasonably close to the burner.

Some trade me wood burners have negative efficiency - they draw cool air into the house, warm it and send it up the chimney! A big thanks for MfE for putting this advice together. Installation A poor installation job can ruin the heating and emissions performance of the best of woodburners.

A big thanks for MfE for putting this advice together. View My Trade Me. Some of the newer designs have this air-gap vented outside rather than into the room outside venting stops hot air escaping from the room.

Announcements Message board Help. Pay Now is a payment platform provided and hosted by Trade Me. The payback period for a wetback depends on how you use your woodburner:

Buy a job pack. Building consent Trade me wood burners you buy a woodburner, make sure your local authority will allow you to install the model you want: This buying checklist is brought to you by consumer. Too much air cools the fire and smoke is produced. Flue system The flue must have a larger diameter outer shield around it where it passes through the ceiling and attic space.

How woodburners trade me wood burners It's a two-stage process. But if you have an existing open fireplace, an insert model is most often the way to go. Type Freestanding models are generally the most efficient for a given firewood load, they return the most heat to a room. See our section on wetbacks for more information about this type of woodburner.