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The account holder is a nonresident of Canada who is either an individual who trading canadian stock and brokers association an address in a country with which Canada has an applicable tax treaty; or a trust with a trustee who has an address in a country with which Canada has an applicable tax treaty. You are not employed by a bank or an insurance company or an affiliate of either to perform functions related to securities or commodity futures investment or trading activity. The research service is owned by H. For illustrative purposes only International stocks use a different symbology than domestic stocks.

Account requires international trading access. A commission charged on the trade that covers any clearing and settlement costs and local broker fees Additional fees i. To place an order to buy that security, you would need to enter your limit price as an increment ofe.

Need we say more? Market orders — a local broker fee is incorporated into the execution price. If you do not meet these criteria, you may still be eligible for reduced withholding by certifying your eligibility for treaty rates, or applying for an exemption directly with the CRA.

IT for its ordinary shares. Possible additional fees or taxes include:. Bond information from U. If your stock trade does not fill at all or if you choose to settle in the local currency, no currency exchange will take place. Subscribers can use the ratings opinions we provide but we encourage users to gain an understanding of our valuation methods and trading canadian stock and brokers association base and are pleased to assist them and to respond to questions.

Limit orders must be entered based on the appropriate currency unit size. It includes stock recommendations and value investing links. Quantity From currency To currency For illustrative purposes only. Quotes Real-time quotes 1 are available for international stocks using the Get Quote Tool along the top of Fidelity.